Sex vibrators that heat up to 40 degrees Celsius, featuring an internal motor that warms the device. The warm sensation is soft and 100% safe for your skin.

Satisfyer heat effect

Satisfier vibrators with heating capabilities up to 39 degrees celsius. Produces a gentle heat to stimulate different intimate locations, including the vagina, anal area, prostate, and penis.

Vaginal, G-spot and Anal

The clitoral, anal, and bunny vibrators listed below can all be heated.

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Nalone Want
Bunny Vibrator

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Other vibrators

There are other vibrators that are less common but can also get hot and release heat.


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These vibrators with a heat mode are not in stock right now, but maybe they will arrive in the future.

Human warmth

Human warmth plays a fundamental role in the sexual experience, providing a sense of comfort and connection.

During intimacy, contact with another person's warm skin can increase relaxation and arousal, creating a more inviting and natural atmosphere.

The average body temperature of 37°C helps make sexual encounters feel more real and authentic.

This warmth not only enhances physical pleasure but also strengthens the emotional bond between those involved. By mimicking this temperature, heat-effect vibrators can replicate the experience of human touch, resulting in a more satisfying and realistic sensation.

This simulation of human warmth can be especially beneficial for those seeking a more authentic sexual experience, whether alone or with a partner, thereby increasing the intensity and enjoyment of intimate moments.

What is a vibrator with heat mode?

A warming vibrator is an innovative sex toy designed to mimic the warmth of human touch, providing a more natural and realistic experience.

These devices are equipped with technology that allows them to reach a comfortable temperature, usually around 37-40°C, similar to that of the human body.

The heating mechanism is activated by a separate button, offering precise control over the temperature.

Warming vibrators come in various shapes and sizes, including models designed for G-spot stimulation and rabbit vibrators.

By combining vibrations and heat, these toys not only intensify physical stimulation but also promote greater muscle relaxation and blood flow in the genital area, which can enhance sensitivity and comfort during use. This advanced technology allows for a more immersive and pleasurable sexual experience.

What sensations will I experience?

With a warming vibrator, you will experience a combination of sensations that significantly elevate sexual pleasure.

The warmth emitted by these toys mimics the temperature of the human body, providing a more realistic and comforting experience.

This added heat makes each touch and vibration feel more intense and human, increasing skin sensitivity and overall arousal.

The warmth also facilitates greater muscle relaxation, making penetration more comfortable and pleasurable.

Additionally, the increased blood flow in the genitals due to the heat intensifies sensations, making each movement and pulsation of the vibrator feel deeper and more satisfying.

All these effects create a more immersive and realistic sexual experience, allowing you to enjoy a deeper and more pleasurable connection with your own body or with your partner.