Intimate lubricants, seductive massage oils, and other things to boost your sexual wellness. Aphrodisiacs, sexual stimulants, and other substances can help you have better intimate experiences.

New Arrivals

New Shunga Erotic Art items for sensual massage and natural aphrodisiacs.

What is a water-based lubricant ?

Skin can be lubricated with a water-based lubricant, which also has the added benefit of making sexual activity and masturbation more pleasurable.

They are compatible with condoms as well as most sex toys.

The lubricant's durability is inferior to that of silicone lubricants but it can be removed with water and won't leave any stains on your sheets.

Heat effect and cold effect

With the heat effect, you'll feel a soothing warmth wherever you put it on your skin. To heighten the sensation of heat and bring out its full force, give it a light breeze.

The cooling effect is suitable for vaginal and oral sex but not for anal sex.

With the cooling effect, your arousal will reach new heights as a result of the effect it has when it is applied, which increases blood flow.

Flavoured and scented

Flavored lubricants are a fun way to spice up your pre-play. It is especially useful for making oral sex more enjoyable for both partners.

Some flavored lubricants are also edible.

Trust on your sense of smell. The most memorable scents are those that are barely perceptible.

Neutral water-based lubricants
Neutral lotion without flavors or additional effects.
Water-based flavoured lubricants
Strawberry, cherry, melon ... It is ideal for oral sex.
Heating lubricants
It will warm your skin and intensify your sex experience.
Cooling lubricants
It boosts blood flow. For vaginal and oral sex.
Scented lubricants
Scents with a low intensity can have a profound effect.
Monodose water-based lubricants
This format makes testing new lubricants easy.

Silicone, Hybrids and maintenance

Silicone-based lubricants

Long-lasting lubrication is possible with silicone-based lubricants. They work with any latex or polyurethane condom or other latex product.

They are only compatible with toys made of metal or glass.

Silicone can be washed from the skin with a gentle soap and water but a sex toy cleaner will also do the trick.

Hybrid lubricants

Combine the best of both lubricating worlds. For people who like how easy and smooth water-based lubricants are to use but want the long-lasting pleasure that silicone offers.

Hybrid lubes are safe for all sex toys, including silicone ones.

They don't have an oily or greasy texture, and they are simple to remove with soap and water. Some of them imitate women's natural lubrication.

Maintenance of sexual items

It is very important to clean your adult toys with both before and after each use. Sex toy cleaners protect against bacteria and viruses easily and effectively.

The use of a special cleaner will extend the life of your toys.

A specialized cleaner is required to protect your latex garments (such us latex stockings or some corsets).

Standard silicone lubricants
They provide longer-lasting lubrication.
Concentrated silicone lubricants
Concentrated Silicone
Extremely long-lasting smoothness without drying out.
Hybrid lubricants
A hybrid formula that combines the benefits of water and silicone.
Sex toy cleaner
Toy cleaner
To keep your sex toys clean before and after use.
Latex maintenance
Latex maintenance
It helps you wear and shine latex garments.
Monodose silicone lubricants
Mini silicone lubricants designed for single use.

Why use an anal lubricant ?

The anus isn't made for sexual penetration by nature so it can't make its own moisture like the vagina can. With these anal lubricants, both men and women will be able to have anal penetrations without pain.

The use of lubricant is required for intensive or occasional anal sex.

You will instantly begin to sense the soothing effect after applying the lubricant or anal relaxant to the area a few minutes before beginning penetration.

What types of lubricants can be used with anal toys ?

Because most adult anal toys (plugs, anal vibrators, dilators, dildos, anal beads) are composed of silicone, it is best to use a water-based or hybrid anal lubricant.

Read the lubricant's specifications before using it with your anal toys.

Metal anal plugs (often aluminum or steel) can be lubricated with any form of anal lubricant: water-based, silicone-based, or hybrid.

Water-based anal lubricants
Water Anal
Allow painless anal penetrations in women and men.
Silicone-based anal lubricants
Silicone Anal
Specially for intensive anal sex.
Anal spray
Spray Anal
Reduce hypersensitivity in the anal area. Relax muscle tension.
Anal lubricants for fisting
Fisting Anal
Powerful relaxation and dilation for strong expansions.
Hybrid Anal lubricants
Hybrid Anal
Hybrid anal lubricants based on silicone and water.
Oil based anal lubricants
Oil Anal
With soothing and refreshing oil extracts.


Who doesn't like getting a nice, soothing massage? Let the warm and pleasant hands of your partner carry you away. Get an erotic massage and you'll feel like you're in paradise in no time.

Massage oils
The oil moisturizes and silkens skin all over.
Erotic Massage gel
Body massage gel and intimate lubricant.
Massage creams
It brings relaxation deep into the skin.
Brazilian balls
Brazilian Balls
The ball dissolves in minutes, releasing the lubricant.
Massage candles
Candles that smell like paradise.
Body painting
Body painting
Transform your partner's body into a blank canvas.
Kissable Powder massage
Kissable Powder
They are handed over to your lover with a feather duster to thrill her.
Bath massage lotions
Turn an ordinary bath into a passionate one.

Sexual Cosmetics for Women

Women today understand that taking better care of their female sexual organs has a long-term effect on their mood and overall health.

Our female lotions will help you improve your sexual health.

We have lotions that will stimulate or increase the sensitivity of your clitoris and G-spot, firm your buttocks or breasts, and strengthen your vaginal muscles.

Sexual Cosmetics for Men

You will feel more confident after using our male sex lotions, and your sexual encounters will be enhanced. Most of the items are vitamins or extracts from plants making them completely risk-free and available without a doctor's prescription.

Erection enhancers and ejaculation delayers are by far the most popular.

Products that improve libido, increase the intensity of orgasmic sensations, enlarge the penis, and clean the penis are all available.

Clitoral arousal lotions
Increases blood flow to the clitoris.
Breast enhancement creams
Aids in lifting and shaping the breasts.
G-spot stimulator lotion
Recommend in cases of frigidity or lack of sexual interest.
Vaginal tightening lotions
Helps tighten loose vaginal muscles.
Butt firming creams
Gives the buttocks and thighs a firmer shape.
Ejaculation Delayers for Men
Retardant lotions to prevent premature ejaculation.
Erection creams
Erection cream
Increases blood flow in the male member.
Male enhancement creams
Enhancer cream
Give you more pleasure during sex.

Pheromone perfumes and aphrodisiacs


Aphrodisiacs are medicines that can increase a person's libido or performance during sexual activity.

Do you have sexual indifference, or do you feel like you need additional help? Give one of our aphrodisiacs a try.

Some of the effects include an increase in sexual desire, an improvement in sex potency (including increased stamina, lubrication, and endurance), and an increase in overall sexual enjoyment (orgasm enhancers).

Pheromone perfumes

Pheromones are odorless, invisible natural molecules that cause a deep sexual response in the brain and sexual attraction. A pheromone perfume is a fragrance with a seductive undertone that is designed to make both men and women more appealing.

Use it as a perfume, but don't mix it with anything else.

It draws attention to your appearance, boosts your self-confidence, and transforms you into a person who is seen as more fascinating, alluring, and desirable by those around you.

Oral sex lotions
Oral sex
Oral sex smells and tastes better when flavored.
Orgasm enhancer lotions
Orgasm enhancer
Sensitize the clitoris during intercourse.
Libido booster lotions
Libido booster
Awaken your libido with this all-natural blend of vitamins.
Aphrodisiac Love Drops
Love drops
These drops are a sexual enhancer and performance booster.
Liquid vibrators
Liquid vibrator
An intimate gel or oil that stimulates with vibration waves.
Erotic Incense
Erotic Incense
Set an erotic atmosphere with these incense sticks.
Male pheromone perfumes
Male Pheromones
A seductive fragrance for men.
Female pheromone perfumes
Female Pheromones
A seductive fragrance for women.

Top brands

These 16 brands stand out because they offer the most sex toys for men products at the best price/quality ratio.

Cobeco Pharma
Cobeco Pharma
Manufacturer and distributor of sexual wellness products.
The top-selling personal lubricants brand in the world.
German excellence in all of its products. Premium brand.
Aphrodisiac and massage products from Canada.
Liquid vibrators are the company's specialty.
Sutra means manual, and Kama is the Hindu god of love.
Produces massage lotions and other lubricants.
Their herbal senze aphrodisiacs are vegan-friendly.
Bijoux Indiscrets
Bijoux Indiscrets
A female-founded and led company in Spain.
Id Lubricants
Id Lubricants
From California, ensure a long-lasting, friction-free experience.
IntimateLine Sensual Cosmetics, based in London.
Intimate personal lubricants from france.
One of Europe's most famous sexual wellness companies.
Durex stands for durability and reliability.
Their lubricants complement their realistic masturbators for men.
Intimate Earth
Intimate Earth
Vegan products inspired by nature extracted from organic sources.