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Read these terms before placing an order

I. Introduction

These General Conditions expressly regulate the commercial relations that arise between this website and the users who register to purchase products or services.

The ownership of this website, , (hereinafter, website) is held by: Christian Vicente Ferrer Cogollos, with NIF: 33466393J.

II. Obligations of the user

The user must read carefully and agree to all the terms and conditions expressed. The user has sufficient legal capacity to be bound by these terms and conditions.

User declares:

  • Be of legal age.
  • You are authorized to use a bank account, card or other means of payment to make the purchase.
  • You are knowledgeable and consent to the receipt of the product in the place indicated during the purchase process.

III. Pricing


By default all prices of products and logistics services are expressed in EUROS (€) with taxes included for Spain (peninsula and Balearic Islands).

Final prices with taxes will vary depending on the geographic region to which the products will finally be shipped.


The prices on this website have been compiled with the greatest possible care. However, we cannot guarantee that all information provided is accurate and complete at all times.

All prices on this website and in other communications (eg newsletter) are subject to correction for obvious programming, typing or spelling errors.

Also we reserve any price modification at any time due to changes or impositions of our suppliers.

Deals and promotions

These deals and promotions will be valid as long as they are published on the web, as well as there is stock available. Once the promotion is finished, the price will return to the original.

The published offers may be modified, updated or even eliminated without prior notice.

Eroticanum disclaims any responsibility for any changes.

Said discounts and offers may have limitations for geographical reasons, types of clients or other criteria.

Shipping costs

By default shipping costs are calculated for Spain (peninsula and Balearic Islands).

Final prices with taxes will vary depending on the geographic region to which the products will finally be shipped. As soon as you change the country or region in your shopping cart, the system will automatically calculate the final amount of shipping costs with their corresponding taxes.

The prices of shipping costs are detailed on the Shipping page

IV. Shopping Process


When the user wants to purchase a product available in stock, he will click on the "Add to cart" button.

Product availability may vary in a matter of minutes.

The user can see the breakdown of prices and taxes of each line of the order by clicking on the heading "Items".

Once the user has all the desired products in their shopping cart, the purchase process begins.


The user must register to make any purchase

If you are not yet registered in the system, you will be asked for your e-mail and a password to start the purchase process . Optionally you can indicate your gender. The system will NOT need to validate said e-mail since the order is not confirmed by Eroticanum until your payment is made.

If you are already an existing customer, you can continue indicating your e-mail and password.

Shipping details

The system will ask the user for the following personal information: Full address (postal code, town, province / region / state and country), Full name (with surname) and Telephone number.

If the order is invoiced to a different person or address then the same data will be requested for the entity to invoice.

Payment methods

The system will propose different forms of payment, which will vary depending on the region to which the order will be sent.

The standard forms of payment are: Credit card, Paypal, Bizum (simple bank transfer) and Cash on delivery.

Some of the payment methods require an additional cost.

Summary and confirmation

The user will be presented with a summary of all amounts separated by groups and taxes.

The user will have to click on the "Place order" button to confirm his order.

Payment gateway

If the user has selected Credit Card, Paypal or Bizum as payment method the system will redirect him to an external payment gateway (Eroticanum will not intervene in the process) in order to confirm your order.

All payment gateways comply with international security requirements (PCI Compliant).

In said payment gateway you will be asked for the necessary data to process the payment (credit card, paypal account ...). The user will be obliged to pay the order at that moment otherwise the order will NOT be processed.

Eroticanum does not intervene in the payment process so if for any reason the payment gateway denies your request (for example your credit card is expired) Eroticanum will not process your order.

If for any reason the payment gateway validates your request and your order is confirmed but later we are informed that it has been made by some fraudulent method, we will automatically cancel your order.

If everything has gone correctly and we confirm that your payment is legitimate, then we will put your order into production.

Putting into production

If your payment is legitimate (validated by the payment gateway and by us) and there is enough stock of all your requested products we will proceed to put your order into production.

You will receive an email in your email account specified in your data with all the details of your order.

Eroticanum will begin to prepare your order within 24 business hours after the confirmation of the legitimacy of the payment (not the order confirmation).

V. Dispatch and reception

Discreet packaging

We ship your order in a neutral package, without external mention of the merchandise inside or on the website , guaranteeing the discretion of our shipments.

The packages are protected so that your order arrives safely.

Delivery dates

Estimated delivery dates are specified in the purchase process itself. Depending on the logistics provider and the place of delivery, the delivery dates may vary.

Estimated delivery dates could be altered due to causes beyond Eroticanum, and in no case are they binding or guaranteed dates.


An attempt will be made to inform the user during the entire logistics expedition : departure from our warehouse, reception of the logistics provider, transport between countries (if it is outside of Spain), arrival at the destination and reception end.


The final reception of the order will be prioritized to the address specified by the user in their order.

The carrier may contact you to advise the delivery but we cannot guarantee it.

If for any reason the delivery could not be made, the carrier should try to contact you to notify you of a second delivery attempt or delivery to an alternative address (neighbor, nearby trade ...).

The user Eroticanum is not responsible or intervene in the communications between the final recipient and the carrier.

The final recipient has the possibility to reject the package, if it had been opened or if it has obvious signs of deterioration.

If the package requires a cash on delivery payment, the recipient will be obliged to pay for it upon receipt.

VI. Warranty


The customer will not be able to cancel his order once the legitimacy of his purchase has been validated (the order has been confirmed and paid correctly).

This fact is established in article 103 of Law 3/2014, of March 27, reforming Law 7/1996 on the Regulation of Retail trade for Spain.

Eroticanum reserves the right to cancel the order in the event that there is a problem beyond our control such as lack of availability (insufficient stock), fraudulent payment, or others problems related to the products requested by the customer.

Warranty and invoice

A detailed invoice will be provided to the customer once your order has been shipped.

The products have a 3-year warranty, although its processing will depend on the policy of each manufacturer.

In the event that the customer detects an anomaly or malfunction of the product , as long as there is no manipulation by the customer, the customer may choose to have it replaced or returned of your money , unless one of these options is impossible or disproportionate for Eroticanum.

The warranty period will not apply in the case of faults or defects caused by accident, negligence or misuse of the product by the customer . In the same way, the manipulation or variation of any product (welding, wiring, adding components, etc.) will automatically void the warranty.

If you have any problems, please contact our customer service.

Defective products

If you have received a defective product at origin (we have already sent it to you defective) then you will be entitled to a replacement or a refund of your money. This applies to products that are under warranty: 3 years after you have delivered your initial order.

It will be necessary for you to attach photographs or videos of the product so that we can verify the problem and expedite the procedures for its exchange or return.

If this happens ...

  • During the first 14 days from the delivery date. Eroticanum will bear the cost of return and the new shipment (if you request a replacement).
  • Once 14 days have elapsed from the delivery date, Eroticanum will assume the return costs but the costs of the new shipment must be borne by the customer (if requesting a replacement) .

All returns will be made with the transport and logistics agencies with which Eroticanum works, under no circumstances may the client demand to work with a different carrier or a different shipping service than the one established by us to perform the process.

Exchanges and returns

Due to the nature of our products (for sexual and intimate use) for hygiene reasons, changes or returns will not be accepted once the product has been opened or unsealed.

This condition will also apply to clothing items such as lingerie.

Eroticanum has made a great effort to clearly and accurately show all the measurements of the garments that are sold, so it is very important that you verify before buying that these measurements will adapt to your body.

The only reasons for returns will be the following :

  • The product has received damage caused by transport (24 hours after delivery)
  • Right of withdrawal (14 days from delivery)
  • The product is defective and is under warranty (3 years from delivery)

The products must be returned in a secure package with their original packaging and all their original parts. If an item is returned without its original packaging, it may suffer a breakage of the content in breach of our return rules. The product must not show obvious signs of use or manipulation.

Once verified that all the content of the package is correct, the problem is exactly what the customer has described and we can reproduce the same problem then we will proceed to make the replacement or refund of the money

The refund will be made in the same means of payment used that you have chosen in the initial transaction of your order, unless you express otherwise.

Damage caused by transport

If you notice damage to the package before receiving it.

If when you go to receive your package from the carrier, you notice that it has obvious damage that could affect the content of the products it houses ... You have the right to reject the package BEFORE OPENING IT and You have to make a claim to the carrier.

If you see that it has been damaged before opening it.

If for any reason you have not received the package (it is received by a neighbor or a nearby store) but you notice that it has damage BEFORE OPENING IT you can return it if this occurs within 24 hours of delivery of the package.

Right of withdrawal

You have the right to withdraw from your purchase and to return the products purchased within the first 14 calendar days since they were delivered to you without having to justify your decision.

You will have to bear the shipping costs back to our warehouse.

The products must be sent unopened or unsealed, with their correct packaging . If an item is returned without its original or unsealed packaging, you would be in breach of the right of withdrawal and the return would not be made.

Once verified that all the content of the package is correct, the refund will be made using the same means of payment used in the initial transaction, unless you express otherwise.

Electronic Products

Some products include gift batteries, if the batteries do not work it does not mean that the product does not work, sometimes the gift batteries are discharged and the toy needs new batteries , in this In case the product has no return.

Make sure the batteries are correct for each toy.

If it does not turn on, it does not vibrate, make sure the battery is 100% charged .

If it does not charge when connected to the power. Make sure that the current plug receives current and its voltage is adequate to charge it.

VII. Other considerations

Legal notice

In addition to this document, the user must read our legal notice.

The following information is detailed on the legal notice page:

  • Ownership of this website
  • General terms and conditions of use
  • Access and navigation on the website: exclusion of guarantees and responsibility
  • Links policy
  • Intellectual and industrial property
  • Legal actions, applicable legislation and jurisdiction

Privacy and Cookies

In addition to this document, the user must read our privacy page.

The following information is detailed on the privacy page:

  • Responsible for the treatment of your data
  • Rights over your information
  • Collection and processing of personal data
  • How long is your data kept?
  • Additional recipients of your personal data

On our "Use of cookies" page its use and purpose are detailed.

Modification of these terms and conditions

Eroticanum reserves the right to modify, at any time, and without prior notice, any of these terms and conditions.

If any of these terms or conditions change, the revisions will include a new effective date and will be posted on this page. Please check back regularly to stay informed of updates.

The effective date of these terms and conditions is September 15, 2021.