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EROTICANUM, EUROPE's adult sex toy store


Eroticanum is an international sexshop online , means "EROTICA PREMIUM".

Eroticanum is located in Valencia (Spain).

We know in detail other aspects such as manufacturing, the materials used, international logistics, etc.

An international online store is a great challenge, therefore, and to differentiate ourselves from other retailers we have developed our own e-commerce platform to offer a very different shopping experience from other sex shops.

Our shopping experience ...

If sex products are designed to relax ... why do other online stores stress and pressure you to buy?

No one here will pressure you into compulsive shopping or chase you with ads on other sites when you leave our store.

Our shopping experience is different from other sex shops : Take your time to find what you need.

In our online sex shop you will enjoy:

We promote the Web Accessibility Initiative.

Each element on the screen has been designed to make life easier for people with visual disabilities (myopia, color blindness, partial blindness ...).