Men's masturbators and numerous male sex accessories, such as automatic masturbators, prostate massagers, and penis rings and extensions...

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Realistic sex toys for men

Masturbation vaginas

An artificial vagina or fake pussy is a type of male masturbator that is modeled after a real vagina in terms of both its shape and appearance.

It is portable enough for you to take it with you wherever you go.

It is recommended that you use a lubricant that is water-based.

Masturbation anus

An artificial anus, also known as a fake anus, is a type of male masturbator that is shaped and looks like a real anus.

They are made of the same materials as artificial vaginas.

The next step is to switch to a warming effect lubricant, which creates a more authentic sensation.

Realistic male masturbators

The most lifelike masturbators you've ever seen. They are made of materials that closely resemble human skin.

Experience realism like never before.

These masturbators are heavier and more difficult to store, but the experience is vastly different from that of standard flashlight-looking masturbators.

Realistic pornstar vagina replicas
Pornstar vagina
Soft to the touch, just like real skin. Feel all of the curves, folds, and intimate textures.
Realistic pornstar anus replicas
Pornstar anus
Pornstar anus replicas that are realistic and of high quality.
Realistic masturbation vaginas
Realistic vagina
If you're not sure where to begin, try these pocket-sized artificial vaginas.
Realistic masturbation anus
Realistic anus
Satisfy your anal sex fantasies. The anal sex simulation is amazing.
Realistic butts
Masturbators that are anatomically shaped like a woman's butt.
Sexual torsos for masturbation
Woman torso
What are you waiting for to fuck a voluptuous female with a tight waist?
Realistic tits
Large breasts with a vagina-shaped opening allow masturbation while touching.

Masturbators, Eggs and Prostate massagers

Male masturbators

These male masturbators are small and compact, making them easier to store.

They are not as explicit as realistic masturbators.

They can be an excellent choice for men looking for a more discreet toy with a more pleasant, neutral, and modern design.

Prostate massagers

A prostate massager is a vibrating device used to stimulate the male prostate (p-spot).

It reduces early ejaculation and aids in the treatment of erectile dysfunction.

Combine these toys with an anal spray or lubricant to relax the anus.

Masturbation eggs

Simply removing the wrapping and applying some lubricant is all that is required to put it to use.

Stretch it out as if it were a condom after it has been placed on the penis.

These items are typically single-use, which means they should be thrown away after ejaculating.

Automatic masturbators
No more pumping, stroking, or squeezing, automatic masturbators do all the work for you.
Sleeve Masturbators
These sleeves are operated by hand and include textures for added stimulation.
Oral sex masturbators
Oral sex
Only the most advanced models simulate the experience of real oral sex.
Grip masturbators
Open-sleeved masturbators. These flexible sleeves are very easy to clean.
Prostate massagers
Prostate massagers
Stimulates the prostate (p-spot) in men, and some toys also stimulate the perineum.
Masturbation eggs (unit)
Lubricate it, place it on your penis like a condom, and stretch down.
Reusable masturbation eggs
Unlike the regular ones, these eggs can be used several times.
Masturbation eggs pack
Try one of these packs with a variety of eggs and textures.

Cock Rings and Scrotum Accessories

Cock Rings

It is placed over the penis (and the testicles if the ring is double) to restrict blood flow and help prolong erections (makes your erection more intense and resistant).

Stimulate either the scrotum and the clitoris of the woman.

Most rings are elastic and made of silicone, which can be a little tight at first but becomes very comfortable after a while.

Scrotum Accessories

A bull bag is a toy for the scrotum. Stretch the Bull Bag gently over your scrotum and let go for more weight, swing, and sexual stimulation.

Having a heavier scrotum can enhance your sexual satisfaction.

A Cock Armour not only improves your erection by hugging your body and stimulating your perineum, but it also does the former.

Vibrating cock rings
During penetration, a vibrating penis ring stimulates both your penis and your partner.
Non vibrating cock rings
Non vibrating
Makes your erection more intense and resistant.
Metal Penis Rings
Steel or aluminum. These metal cock rings are not flexible or stretchy.
Cock rings with double ring
Double ring
Double cock rings do not vibrate but provide superior erection support.
Cock ring set
Different sizes and shapes that become narrower as they progress.
Cock rings with anal stimulation
Anal stimulation
Prolong your erection while receiving prostate stimulation.
Scrotum armours
A Cock Armour (or penis armour) is a scrotum toy.
Stretch the Bull Bag gently over your scrotum and release for added weight.

Penis extensions and vacuum pumps

Penis extensions

Penis sleeves are a form of hollow penile support device that's worn over your penis during sex to increase the girth and length of your penis.

A penis extension is very useful for people with erection problems or premature ejaculation.

They come in many different shapes and sizes and are usually made from a rubber or silicone combination. The higher the cost, the more realistic and pleasant the penis sleeve will be for you and your companion.

Penis erection pumps

A penis erection pump increases blood flow to your penis helping you to get or maintain an erection so you can have penetrative sex.

You may temporary gain a teeny bit of extra length.

Depending on the product, the pressure might be applied by air or water.

Penis sleeves
Increase your length and/or girth with these extension penis sleeves.
Vibrating penis sleeves
Vibrating sleeve
Penis sleeve with a small vibrator.
Cock cages
Cock cage
Multiple silicone rings or straps wrap the penis.
Vacuum pumps for penis erection
Generates a vacuum to stimulate the penis.
Water pressure penis pumps
Water pressure
Use water pressure to stimulate the penis.
Pressure gauge penis vacuum pumps
Pressure gauge
A high precision pressure vacuum pump.

Condoms for safe sex (STDs prevention)

Condoms are the only type of contraception that can both prevent pregnancy and protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Large, thin, extra-safe, delayers, flavoured ... If you are allergic to latex condoms, there are also soft plastic condoms such as polyurethane, polyisoprene, and nitrile.

Standard condoms
Latex, Flavorless, smaller than 56/60 mm in diameter and less than 220 mm long
Large condoms
Made of latex, Flavorless, grater than 56/60 mm in diameter
Thin condoms
Thin condoms optimize sensitivity, giving the ultimate natural experience.
Natural condoms
Condoms made of high quality natural rubber latex. Excellent protection.
Flavoured condoms
Condoms that have fruity flavors or aphrodisiac aromas.
Delay condoms
Its retarding effect prolong stimulation and pleasure to the maximum.
Extra-Safe condoms
With a higher thickness or additional lubrication with a highly effective spermicide.
Non-Latex condoms
Designed for people who are sensitive to or allergic to latex.

Other male items


Some men are drawn to the idea of taking on a more submissive role and handing over sexual control to their sexual partner. The BDSM submission game includes limiting the use of your private parts.

The Chastity devices gives whoever holds the key the control over sexual gratification.

Chastity cages and chastity cock rings prevent erection, stimulation or penetration of the submissive.

Hygiene is very important while using these devices.

Most items are usually made of stainless Steel.

Sexy underwear for men

Putting on some attractive underwear for men can give you a confidence boost and help you feel more sexy.

We have something for you whether you choose a softer or harder style.

Restore the sexiness of men's underwear by shopping our wide variety of styles.

Gay toys

Realistic masturbators created specifically for homosexual (gay) men.

Exclusive designs and well-known sleeves featuring the best gay porn actors

Realistic anal hole replicas (Fleshjack) from Max Konnor, Griffin Barrows, Reno Gold, Cade Maddox, Diego Sans, Brent Corrigan, Johnny Rapid, Colby Keller, Allen King, Levi Karter, Milan Christopher, Brent Everett, Liam Riley ...

Toys and accessories from Tom of Finland.

Male anal balls, prostate stimulators, realistic large cock masturbators...

Penis Chastity
Penis chastity
Chastity devices restrict erection, masturbation, and penetration.
Chastity of testicles
Testicles chastity
Rings that restrict testicle retraction during ejaculation.
Urethral dilator
Hypoallergenic steel or silicone catheter to open a man's urethra.
Sexy underwear for men
Feel confident and seductive with our collection of sexy underwear for men.
Accesories for male masturbators
Masturbators accessories
Sleeve warmers, sleeve dryers, Shower Mounts, replacement sleeves, adapters ...
Vacuum pump accessories
Vacuum pump accessories
Accessories for use in the shower, spare parts, adapters ...
Gay toys
Gay toys
Masturbator replicas from the top gay porn actors.

Top brands

These 16 brands stand out because they offer the most sex toys for men products at the best price/quality ratio.

Ultra realistic replicas of pornstars vaginas for male masturbation.
Innovative pleasure technology, interactive male masturbators.
Doc Johnson
Doc Johnson
Their products are handcrafted with an incredible level of quality and detail.
Based in Ohio, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of sexual products.
Japanese products optimized to be simple to use, and easy to clean.
California Exotics
California Exotics
Sex toys designed to enhance intimacy and pleasure.
Metal Hard
Metal Hard
We highlight their chastity products and metal penis rings.
A pioneer company in the sexual wellness industry.
You'll adore the Satisfyer line of men's products.
Premium prostate massagers and male masturbators.
Bathmate pumps uses water pressure to generate a vacuum.
Extremely high-quality prostate massagers that have won awards.
Large variety of men's condoms of the finest quality.
Premium condoms for men available in a wide range of styles.
Vibrating penis extensions and sleeve masturbators at an affordable price.
Tom Of Finland
Tom Of Finland
Products aimed toward men with a homosexual bent (gay).

Sex toys for men

Is ejaculating too soon a problem for you?

We offer you three solutions to avoid premature ejaculation:

1. "Train" with a realistic masturbator

A fake masturbation vagina can be beneficial as it takes the psychological pressure off of facing a real woman.

It will allow you to train your penis to maintain the effort for longer periods of time. That extra energy will come in handy in the bedroom.

2. Lotions to delay ejaculation

A delay lotion can be very effective as it will reduce the hypersensitivity of your penis and delay the moment of ejaculation. Lotions will give you enough confidence not to get nervous.

3. Using a prostate massager

A prostate massager can help you evacuate excess semen and reduce sexual arousal by releasing accumulated tension.

Masturbators for men

Automatic masturbators are a good investment since they provide a higher level of enjoyment for a relatively low cost.

With an automatic masturbator you no longer have to pump, stroke, or squeeze.

Masturbation sleeves, also known as strokers, are operated manually and have subtle shapes and appearances. Textures can be added to these sleeves for added stimulation or grip.

How to clean an artificial vagina or anus ?

Always wash your toy after and before usage because bacteria can multiply in water and thrive in dark, damp environments like a fake vagina or anus.

Don't clean it with soap. Just water.

You must completely dry this toy before storing it, let it entirely air dry out to prevent mildew.

By drying your adult toy after each cleaning, you reduce the chances of bacteria and damp growing in there.


Benefits of a prostate massager

The prostate is located between the base of the penis and the rectum, deep in the groin.

Semen is made when fluid from the prostate mixes with sperm cells from the testicles and fluid from the seminal vesicles.

Advantages of using a prostate massager :

It reduces early ejaculation. Excess semen needs to be discharged. Prostate milking reduces sexual excitement by releasing tension.

It prolongs erections. Inflamed or enlarged prostates restrict blood flow to the penis, causing erectile dysfunction. A Prostate massager can help with this frustrating situation.

Heightens perineal sensitivity. Some toys provide perineum stimulation as well.

What is a TENGA egg ?

A masturbation egg enables a nice and mild masturbating experience while also providing feelings on skin contact that have never been felt before.

Japanese tenga eggs are the most popular masturbation eggs.

Tenga Geo eggs are the only ones that can be reused. If you enjoyed your experience with the eggs, you should try a sleeve masturbator.

How does a vacuum pump work ?

1. You wrap a tube around your penis.

2. You create a vacuum effect by pumping out the air with the pump attached to the tube.

3. The air can be pumped manually, hydraulically, or with a preassure gauge.

How do I maintain the erection?

To help you maintain your erection, wrap a cock ring around the base of your penis.