Masturbate without vibrations. Dildos are the classic vaginal or anal penetration toy for women. They tend to use higher quality materials than vibrators. They're also more durable and water-resistant.

New Arrivals

These are the latest dildos from Silexd and King Cock made with premium silicone.

Realistic & G-spot

Realistic Dildos

Replicas of real penises that are so lifelike that you can count every vein, every shaft, and every head. To maintain stability, larger dildos may have phony testicles as a stable base.

Realistic-looking natural dildos

A water-based lubricant is required when playing with silicone toys to prevent the toy from becoming deformed.

G-spot dildos

These dildos have a curved head that massages the G-spot as it penetrates the vagina. Stimulation of the female G-spot can increase the likelihood of a woman experiencing an orgasmic sensation in her vaginal region.

Orgasms are stronger than clitoris stimulation

Always make sure to use lubricants that are either oil-or water-based. Do not use a silicone-based lubricant.

Mini realistic dildos
Mini realistic
These little dildos are under 15 cm in length.
Standard realistic dildos
Standard realistic
Our recommendation for beginners. 15 to 20 cm in length.
Large realistic dildos
Large realistic
These penis replicas are huge. 20 to 25 cm in length.
Giant realistic dildos
Giant realistic
Colossal sized dildos for the brave. Length of 25 cm or more.
Pornstar Dildos (Penis replicas)
Pornstar replica
Dildos and dildos from famous porn actors. Gay and straight legends.
G-spot dildos
A curved head penetrates the vagina, massaging the G-spot.

Dark & Non-Phallic

Dark Dildos

When looking for a change from the standard natural looking dildo, try the dark variety. There's a wide range of dark colors: matte black, glossy black, brown, dark brown...

You know this is one of your most crazy fantasies.

Created with a keen eye for detail, including testicles, a curved shape, a textured surface, a suction cup base, and more.

Non-Phallic dildos

These non-realistic or partially-realistic dildos do not resemble a penis shape. Its unusual shapes will both surprise and entice you.

For those desiring a radically different experience.

Are you brave enough to enter the world of fisting ?

Mini dark dildos
Mini dark
These tiny brown and black dildos are under 15 cm in length.
Standard dark dildos
Standard dark
Chocolate colored dildos: black or with milk (15 to 20 cm in length).
Large dark dildos
Large dark
You are well aware that this is one of your wildest dreams (20-25 cm).
Giant dark dildos
Giant dark
Colossal sized brown and dark dildos (+ 25 cm)
Fat dark dildos
Fat dark
There are women who prefer a wider penis than a long one.
Non-Phallic dildos
These Non-Realistic dildos don't resemble a real penis.

Coloured & Glass

Coloured dildos

These dildos feature intense and vibrant colors: pink, violet, violet, turquoise, crimson, orange, green, blue, silver, transparent...Although pink, violet, turquoise, and purple are the most popular colors, translucent (clear) ones are the most beautiful.

If life is colorful, why shouldn't sex be?

The Mythology brand makes dildos in pastel colors. Their colorful "pride" collection has all the colors of the rainbow.

Glass dildos

Glass dildos are made from tempered glass, which is known for being strong and safe. You can change the feel by adding hot or cold water, so try both extremes and see what you like most!

Glass's non-porous nature makes it simple to disinfect and clean

Glass dildos last longer than most sex toys and are becoming more popular because they look elegant and sophisticated.

Transparent dildos
The transparency of these dildos makes them truly unique.
Standard coloured dildos
Standard color
These colorful dildos measure between 15 and 20 cm long.
Large coloured dildos
Large color
Large multicolored dildos (20-25 cm in length).
Giant coloured dildos
Giant color
Giant colorful dildos measuring 25 centimeters or more in length.
Fat coloured dildos
Fat color
Dildos over 5 cm broad and multicolored.
Glass dildos
Made of the most secure and long-lasting tempered glass.


Anal plugs

A plug is a type of non-vibrating massager that stimulates both the anus and the rectum. These adult toys are intended for anal sex or intercourse.

Anal intercourse is fun for both genders.

For easier dilation, we suggest using a special anal lubricant.

Anal beads

Anal beads are sex toys made up of many spheres or balls connected in series (like a chain) and inserted and removed constantly through the anus into the rectum.

The balls are made of hypoallergenic, ultra-smooth silicone.

Since this is intended for experienced users, we suggest practicing with butt plugs first.

Anal dilators

An anal dilator, also known as a rectal speculum, is an instrument used to prepare the anal canal for insertion of anal toys like plugs and beads.

A wide dilation is possible with their aid.

They are not toys, but rather pre-play aids.

Silicone anal plugs
Rectal and anus massagers.
Metal Anal Plugs
Steel and aluminum butt plugs that don't deform.
Tail anal plugs
This fox-shaped anal toy seems like a plush feather duster.
Anal inflatable plugs
An inflator increases the size of the plug.
Hollow anal plugs
This plug has a hole that looks like a tunnel.
Anal kits
Set of anal toys with different sizes.
Anal beads
Anal beads
Anal toy consisting of multiple balls attached together.
Anal dilators
Anal dilator
Designed to open and relax the anal sphincter.

Balls & Wearable

Pelvic balls

Even with only 15 minutes of exercise every day, the muscles that support the pelvic floor can be substantially strengthened.

These "love balls" combine workout and stimulation.

These muscles control their capacity for orgasm as well as their ability to avoid incontinence.

Chinese balls

These vaginal balls are the traditional style of pelvic ball. They are scarcely perceptible, introduced like tampons, and help keep the muscles in the pelvic floor toned.

Also known as "Ben Wa" balls

The space between ball and ball is wider in this traditional form.

Wearable dildos

The back of these provocative pleasure pants wraps around the dildo or plug, giving you a thrill with every small movement.

Contains a small plug or dildo

Once the hidden dildo or plug is put in the panty, it will stay there securely.

Standard pelvic balls
These balls will strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
Pelvic balls sets
Pelvic set
Each set contains many balls of varying weights.
Single chinese ball
Chinese ball
Classic vaginal balls ("Ben Wa" balls).
Multiple chinese balls
Chinese balls
Set of balls -Ben Wa- joined (or not) by a small cord.
Wearable dildos
Panties with a wearable hidden dildo or plug.
Strapless dildos
Dildos that don't require a strap-on.
Anal dildos
Stimulate the anus, rectum and prostate.
Special dildos
Items that don't fit into other categorization.

Double, Torso & By diameter

Double dildos

Double dildos are classified into two types: double penetration and double ended. Double penetration dildos stimulate your vagina, G-spot, and anus simultaneously.

Dual-ended dildos are intended for sharing with a partner.

Double dildos are longer than standard dildos and versatile enough.


Masturbator for women consisting of a masculine torso with a dildo attached (or gay men). They are heavy and highly stable (around 10 kg or 20-25 lbs).

Do you desire a real alpha male?

If you're a woman who likes to be on top, you'll adore it.

By diameter

We can assist you if you're seeking for dildos or plugs with a particular diameter. Depending on the diameter, we present you with five product filters.

Most dildos have a diameter of less than 6 cm (2.4 inches).

Fisting lubricants are required for the largest diameters.

Double penetration dildos
Double penetration
These will give you double stimulation.
Double ended dildos
Double ended
Perfect for lesbian couples. Longer than regular dildos.
Torso with dildo
Masturbators the size of a man's torso.
Diameter < 3 cm
Diameter < 3 cm
Very small diameter.
Diameter 3 - 4 cm
Diameter 3 - 4 cm
Diameter of average size.
Diameter 5 - 6 cm
Diameter 5 - 6 cm
Above average size diameter.
Diameter 7 - 8 cm
Diameter 7 - 8 cm
Large size diameter.
Diameter 9 - 14 cm
Diameter 9 - 14 cm
Giantic size diameter.

Top brands

These 16 brands are highlighted because they have the most dildos with the best quality-to-price ratio.

Based in Ohio, is one of the world's largest manufacturers of sexual products.
All Black
All Black
A vast selection of dildos and plugs in glossy and matte black.
California Exotics
California Exotics
Sex toys designed to enhance intimacy and pleasure.
Doc Johnson
Doc Johnson
Their products are handcrafted with an incredible level of quality and detail.
Stunningly accurate penis replicas of pornstars (gay and straight)
Pink Room
Pink Room
Realistic-looking phallic dildos with an excellent quality-to-price ratio.
Nacho Vidal
Nacho Vidal
Nacho Vidal is a well-known Spanish pornstar. His penis replica is 24 cm of pure pleasure.
Rock Army
Rock Army
Manufacturers of ultra-realistic silicone penises in the high-price range.
Chinese manufacturer of low-cost sex products for budget-conscious buyers.
Ohmama's product line is ideal for gifting. A product that is accessible to all.
Products with prices and quality in the middle range for all types of customers.
These dildos will surprise you with their beautiful pastel colours.
Excellent pelvic balls. Highly discreet and of superior quality.
Addicted Toys
Addicted Toys
A brand that primarily focuses on sex toys with a somber and practical aesthetic.
Metal Hard
Metal Hard
A wonderful range of metal sex devices for both men and women.
Tail anal plugs made of high-quality materials.