Sexy red lingerie and sensual red underwear. Red is a provocative and daring colour. Red lingerie is the essence of passion and seduction.

New Arrivals

New arrivals in red lingerie for women. Latest trends and new collections of lingerie in red.

Red Lingerie Sets

Women's sexy lingerie sets in red. Red sets of two, three, and four pieces: bras, thongs, and garter belts in various reddish tones.

Red Corsets

Explore our enticing collection of women's corsets, featuring a range of red tones such as deep, carmine, and ruby.

Red babydolls and nightgowns

Discover a delightful surprise in our collection of red babydolls and nightgowns for women! These enticing sleepwear options offer a perfect fusion of sensuality and coziness.


Sexy Red Panties

You can pair your red babydolls and nightgowns with the matching red thongs, red pants, or red mini-pants.


Red Teddy Lingerie

We offer a variety of red teddy bodysuits for women, ranging from the timeless classic designs to more adventurous options like crotchless teddy bodysuits.


Red Bodystocking

Sexy red bodysuits that are extremely close to the skin (because to the fabric's high elasticity). The designs on red bodystockings are usually quite provocative.


Red Garter Belts

Hold up those gorgeous stockings with a red garter belt. They look great with a variety of tights, especially beige, red, and black.


Red Stockings

Opaque red fishnet stockings with back seams, red fishnet stockings, etc... Roughly 25 unique options are available.


Sexy Lingerie in Red

Buy red lingerie

Red lingerie is very popular for many women due to its association with passion, love and celebration.

Our sexy red lingerie pieces come in a variety of styles and designs to fit different female bodies. We have many options for all tastes.

This color of lingerie is usually one of the colors most given by couples on anniversaries and celebrations

Sensual red lingerie is more than just a color choice for underwear. It is a statement of self-expression, confidence and seduction. Red lingerie is an excellent option.

If you're looking for something spicy to spice up your underwear wardrobe, consider choosing something in red. Not only will you look good, but you will also feel very confident.

What makes red so special?

In the Middle Ages, the color red was prohibited and was related to witches and the occult.

Those who dared to break the rules chose to wear it secretly, which led to associating this color with risk and the forbidden.

Nowadays, wearing red lingerie means self-confidence, self-expression and seduction towards your partner.

Love is symbolized by pink and red things: Hearts, Valentine's Day and Christmas.

In addition to being a popular color for sexy underwear, red lingerie is also traditionally worn on New Year's Eve in many homes. This tradition is based on the belief that wearing red underwear (such as panties, bras or boxers) on New Year's Eve will bring good luck for the new year.

Therefore, it is not surprising that red lingerie is considered sexy and attractive.

Shades of red in lingerie

Red lingerie comes in a variety of shades to suit different tastes and occasions. Choose the tone that best suits your personality and your intentions.

Each shade of red can convey a different mood or intention.

These are the most popular shades of red in erotic lingerie:

1. Classic red: This is the most common and traditional shade of red used in lingerie. It is a strong and vibrant color that symbolizes passion and desire.

2. Soft Coral: This shade of red is softer and more subtle, and is usually a good option for people with fair skin.

3. Crimson (or scarlet): This shade of red is very bright and usually in matte garments.

4. Cherry red: This is a darker, deeper shade of red, similar to the color of a ripe cherry. It is a popular choice for lingerie because it is seductive and sophisticated.

5. Rosy red: This shade of red has a pink undertone, which gives it a more feminine and romantic look.

6. Wine red or burgundy: This is a very dark shade of red, almost brown. It is an elegant and sophisticated option.

There are more shades of red but they are usually rarer to find: russet red, vermilion, scarlet, ruby....