The breasts are exposed, that is, nude, in this seductive lingerie. It is also known as cupless lingerie, open bra lingerie, or bare chest lingerie.

New Arrivals

New provocative lingerie with exposed breasts for women. Latest styles and collections of bare breast lingerie.

Bare breast corset

Corsets with bare breasts are sexy. The bra in this form of sensual lingerie is left open to reveal the naked breasts.

Exposed breast lingerie sets

Obsessive brand lingerie sets with exposed breasts. incredibly sophisticated and audacious.

Passion Devil Collection

Lingerie with adjustable straps and exposed breasts. Passion offers minimalist sensual lingerie sets.

Open Bra lingerie

What is open bra lingerie?

A type of women's underwear called "open bra lingerie" is intended to improve sensuality and flirtation.

In contrast to traditional bras that cover the entire chest...

Bras featuring openings, cuts, or elaborate embellishments are intended to reveal a portion of the bust.

It is crucial to keep in mind that diversity is what makes things beautiful, and open bra lingerie is made to fit a variety of body types. The secret is to experiment with several looks, see which ones make you feel the best, and select those that boost your self-esteem and confidence.

Fits a broad range of female body types

Small Breasts: Women with small busts may find that open bra lingerie gives them the opportunity to enhance their figure and add a touch of sensuality. Lace designs and intricate details can create the illusion of a larger breast.

Large Breasts: Women with large busts can opt for open bras that offer adequate support. By choosing styles that include decorative details rather than overly pronounced openings, a balance can be struck between attractiveness and needed support.

Athletic or Slim Body: Open bra lingerie can highlight curves and add a touch of femininity to athletic or slim bodies. Designs with lace, strategic cuts and details can create the illusion of softer curves.

Curvy Body: For curvy women, open bra lingerie can focus on highlighting and accentuating natural curves. Details on the upper chest can draw attention to this area, creating a sensual look.


Bare breast teddy

A bare-chested or open-bra teddy is a sexy lingerie body that exposes the breasts. The design of this sensual bodies has open cups.

Adjustable Straps Lingerie

Lingerie with adjustable straps and bare breasts. For really brave women.

Open Bra Lingerie Sets

We are showcasing many lingerie sets with bare breasts to you.

Bodystocking and Babydolls

These provocative and bodystocking beauties will surprise your partner by showing off their breasts!